Wayne Hunthausen, DVM

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Animal Behavior Consultations is a professional service devoted to helping pet owners and veterinarians control undesirable pet behaviors.  Our staff is committed to quality patient care.  We offer a full spectrum of services including preventive counseling, therapy for behavior problems and training.

BEHAVIOR CONSULTATIONS:   Dr. Hunthausen has been a behavior consultant working with dogs, cats and people who share their lives since 1982.  Help is available for all types of behavior problems including housesoiling, destructive chewing, aggression, phobias, separation anxiety, unruliness and many more.  Consultations involve in depth history-taking, temperament evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, discussion of behavior modification and a comprehensive treatment plan.  Depending on the problem, consultations can be scheduled at the hospital (or in the home – not currently available)  Visits typically last one to two hours, but complex cases can take longer.  Follow-up consultations are conducted by phone or in person.

APPOINTMENTS: Consultations are by appointment and may be scheduled by calling 913.362.2512.  A behavior history form must be obtained from our office or at the link below, completed and returned at least 48 hours prior to the visit (these can be mailed, faxed or emailed).  In order to rule out underlying medical problems, we strongly recommend a complete physical exam by the pet’s family veterinarian before the behavior consultation.  Pets that are urinating in the home should have a urinalysis done.  Behavior Forms

FEES:  Fees are charged according to the amount of time spent in consultation with Dr. Hunthausen and are paid at the time of the consultation.  Fees

VIDEOS: Videos can be very helpful in assessing some cases.  If you have a video of your pet’s behavior and would like to bring it to the consultation, please discuss this with Dr. Hunthausen.


LECTURES / ARTICLES:   Articles by Dr. Hunthausen have been published in a variety of professional and pet publications.  He has presented hundreds of lectures in North America, Asia and Europe to veterinarians and pet owners.   Behavior presentations for your group or articles for your publication can be arranged by contacting him.

INTRODUCING PETS:  There are easy ways and there are hard ways to introduce a new pet to other pets in the home.  We can teach you the easy ways.

PREPARATION FOR THE ARRIVAL OF A NEW BABY Introducing your new baby to the resident pet can be tricky.  The time to start training and making adjustments is well before the baby comes home from the hospital.  We can teach you what to expect from your pet regarding behavior changes and how to avoid problems.