Please ask for an estimate of the consultation length

Minimum fee

Hourly fee

Consultations at the hospital
(Only by phone or Zoom during the Covid pandemic)



Follow up phone calls
(Paid by MC, Discover or VISA)

$25 min


In person follow up




Not available during the Covid pandemic
(Call  Dr. Hunthausen for availability)

Not currently available


$____ for each additional hour

Follow up phone calls
(Paid by MC, discover or VISA)



Travel fees may apply

Please call for estimate

Telephone consultations
Temporarily available to families during the Covid pandemic
(Paid by MC, VISA. Discover)



Follow up phone calls



Legal consultations
Expert witness

Please call

Pets on Behavior Medication 

   Rechecks required every six – 12 months
Lab work required every 12 months

    Lab tests may be required prior to drug therapy and every six to twelve months while on medication.

    These requirements may vary depending on the case and the pet.

Behavior Forms must be filled out and returned 3 days prior to the consultation
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