If you would like to be on the behavior waiting list:
Please send an email to drhunthausen@gmail.com.
-Be sure to include your name,
-phone number
-species of pet (dog or cat)
-type of problem.  (e.g. canine aggression, feline aggression, aggression to humans, destructive, separation anxiety; fear of people;  storm phobia, fireworks /noise phobia; general anxiety; unruly, house soiling, etc.).

Please limit the behavior information to three to four short sentences.  I will obtain more info from you when you fill out the behavior history form that will be emailed to you after the appointment is has been made.

Consultations involve: Filling out a behavior history form and then a consultation appointment during which we will discuss the problem(s) in detail and design a treatment plan.  They usually take about 1.5 to 2 hours, more or less..

Click here for general information about Animal Behavior Consultations and Dr. Hunthausen.

Please check appointment fees:   FEES

IMPORTANT:  Do not expect a reply to your initial email. There will be no reply until an appointment becomes available and then you will be contacted by phone or email.    –Dr. Wayne Hunthausen