Tips for pets that are nervous at a veterinary office:   Gentle Care for the Anxious Pet



Please email completed forms to at least 72 hours prior to your appointment. If you do not receive an acknowledgement from Dr. Hunthausen within 24 hours of sending the forms, please email or call him.

We have a long list of patients waiting for behavior appointments.  If we do not receive the form in the requested time frame, your appointment will automatically be canceled in order to get a waiting patient in for a consultation. Thanks for you cooperation.

  • Owner Behavior Form A:   If you fill out the form by hand, please use black ink.  If you fill it out on your computer, please use a font no smaller than 10. IMPORTANT: Please review fees for a consultation 
  • Owner Behavior Form B:   This additional form should be filled out only for pets with a house soiling, house training or litter box problem.  Please be sure to provide a diagram as requested at the end of this form.

(If you click on the link for Form A or B and the form does not appear, check your browser’s download folder.)

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