We look forward to having your pets stay with us when you travel.  You’ll rest easier knowing your pet is comfortable and well cared for at our modern, clean, climate-controlled pet resort.   Please send along whatever will make your pet feel at home, (toys, treats, blankets, pillow, bowl (no glass) etc.  Each dog is taken outside three times daily to a secure exercise area for elimination.  Cats are kept in a separate area, away from the main dog boarding area.

Admission times:    During normal business hours

Pickup:  Available only during regular hospital hours.   We are sorry but due to issues related to the Covid virus and staffing, after house pick ups are not available at this time.

Food:   Science Diet foods are fed.  If a special diet is required, please send the pet’s food in a container (no glass or ceramics) with the pet’s first and last name.

Medication:    We will gladly administer medications to your pet while they stay with us. We request that you bring all medications in their original bottles. This ensures our staff are administering the proper medication at the proper dose.

Pre-boarding Requirements:

     Vaccinations required to be up to date:
Dogs: Rabies, DA2P-PV, Leptospirosis, Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Cats:  Rabies, FVRCP

     Parasite control:    All pets are required to be flea and tick free and have had a stool sample examined for worms during the past 12 months.   If any parasites are found, treatment (at normal hospital rates) will be performed for the health of all our visitors.

Boarding Fees:  Please call for current fees