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Featured article:  Spay/Neuter Age Debate

Brushing teeth
How to brush you dog’s teeth

Dental care:
Caring for your pet’s teeth
Periodontal Disease
   Recognizing Signs of Dental Pain
Tips for teeth brushing

   ObesityMetabolic Weight Loss Plan
    Picky eaters

Fleas and Your Pet
    Flea Allergic Dermatitis HO
    Flea Life Cycleg to start working on th

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian – Tips

Heart – Electrocardiogram

   Information from the American Heartworm Society
   Heartworm FAQ
   Heartworm Testing and Prevention 

Kitten Medical Care – Starting  Off On The Right Paw

Lyme Disease

Micro Chip Info

Nursing Care for Kittens – Handout

Nutrition: The Grainfree diet/Boutique diet/Cardiomyopathy issue

Older Cats, Caring for

   Poison Information
   Top 10 Dog Poisons
    Household Hazards – AVMA           

Puppy Medical Care – Starting Off On The Right Paw

Spay & Neuter Facts
Spay/Neuter Age Debate

   Ticks – Create A Tick Free Zone
   Tick Life Cycle
   Tick Removal Tool – O’Tom Tick Twister

Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats


Anesthesia – What you should know

Assoc. of Feline Practitioners Position Statements

How to brush you dog’s teeth – video

Normal Parameters for Pets  (Heart rate, temperature, etc.)

WDAF-HeatInterviewWDAF-TV interview with Dr. Hunthausen