Allergy, endocrine and behavioral disorders comparison table

Aggression In the Veterinary Hospital, Fear-related

Barking – Training quiet
Barking-Citronella Collar Study

Basket muzzle conditioning

Cats that are afraid of people
Cat behavior – understanding your cat

Crate & confinement training

Destructive chewing and digging – dogs
Destructive scratching – cats

Digging Doggies

Dog Bites by the numbers – Statistics from the AVMA
Dog park Preparation and Etiquette
Dominance statement – AVSAB

Environmental enrichment – cats
Environmental enrichment – dogs
Establishing a relationship and communicating with your pet

Fear and phobias toward noises
Fear and anxiety during veterinary visits
Fear – Dogs that are afraid of people or pets

Fetch and Drop Objects on Command
Foodbowl conditioning

Handling and feeding exercises for puppies
Housetraining Puppies

Infants, children, and cats
Infants, children, and dogs

Jumping Up on People

Leashes, Retractable  Safety problems-1   Safety problems-2

Leave it – How to teach the cue
Litter Training Kittens

Playbiting puppies
Playing with your kitten – Teaching him to play nice
Picky eaters

Products and tools to manage undesirable behavior
Punishment – AVSAB position statements

Separation anxiety – Management of
Social development of puppies and kittens – How to maximize success
Socialization tips for puppies
Socialization of Puppies – American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statement
Socialization tips for kittens
Stereotypic and compulsive disorders

Teaching structured interaction training (SIT) for all interactions
Trainers, How to Choose – AVSAB

Training a dog to settle or relax
Training basic commands (cues)
Training – Using rewards effectively
Training – Why punishment fails
Training – Teaching ‘Watch Me’

Training Video – Sit on command

Unruly behaviors in dogs








Behavior resources: Sources for tools, toys, halters books, videos, etc. (From Landsberg G, Hunthausen W, Ackerman L. 2013 Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat. Saunders, Edinburgh © 2013  , Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved)     

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