COVID PROTOCOL – Curbside service

When you arrive for your appointment, call us from the parking lot and we will meet you by your car.  We ask that you help your pet out of your vehicle and we will take over from there!

-Cats must be in a secure carrier.
-Dogs must be on a NON-RETRACTABLE leash with a secure collar or harness that they cannot slip out of. We will also use one of our slip leads to “double leash” your pet. This is a standard practice anytime we walk your pet outside.
-Clients are required to wear a mask that covers both the nose and mouth while interacting with our staff. We will do the same while interacting with you.
-Before we admit your pet for examination we will need some medical history. We will collect this first by phone when you arrive for your appointment.
-After the exam, we will exchange information by phone.
-Food, prescription drug and other purchases will also be curbside.
-Payment arrangements must be made in advance. Credit and debit card payments are accepted. We are not accepting cash or check payments at this time.
-If you are not comfortable with these measures, please let us know! We will accommodate you as best we can. Please call to discuss any concerns you have about upcoming or anticipated surgeries.

We must take special precautions when examining pets from mandated or self-quarantined households. Please let us know in advance so we can schedule and prepare appropriately. This also applies to the following situations:
-If you or your family members have exhibited flu-like symptoms including fatigue, aches, fever or cough.
-If you have traveled outside the United States in the past 14 days or to regions within the United States where there are a high number of cases of COVID-19.
-If you have been on a cruise ship within the last 14 days.
-If you have tested positive for COVID-19.
Thank you for working with us to keep your pets and your family happy and healthy!   
—Dr. Hunthausen and staff