Medical duties

  • Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, dressing wounds, setting bones, performing surgery, or other therapies, and humanely euthanizing terminally ill animals
  • Perform laboratory procedures and diagnostic tests, including parasitology, hematology, cytology, urinalysis and postmortem exams
  • Operate diagnostic equipment and interpret the resulting images/information (EKG, radiology, tonometry, chemistry, etc.)
  • Maintain patient records and all related medical information and supervise appropriate procedures to check the accuracy of the data entered

Client care

  • Educate families on preventative care including vaccination for diseases, parasite prevention, nutritional counseling and behavioral advice
  • Provide discharge guidelines for hospitalized and post surgery patients and treatment plan guidelines for clients to ensure proper patient treatment in the home environment. Educate the public about diseases that can be spread from animals to humans.
  • Call back/follow-up with clients; recommend medical progress visits when appropriate.
  • Work with clients in a manner that shows sensitivity, tact and professionalism.

Professional duties

  • Commit to practicing the highest standard of medicine, upholding the veterinary code of ethics.
  • Maintain all necessary professional licenses.
  • Stay up to date on latest treatment and care techniques (professional publications; personal networks; professional organizations, continuing ed. meetings); Be aware of animal disease trends in the area.
  • Maintain a relationship with and utilize veterinary specialty physicians in the area
  • Maintain professional behavior at and away from the hospital including politeness in action with others, avoidance of lewd and immoral behavior that violates the sensibilities of the society, avoidance of illegal drug use/excessive alcohol use or anything that defames the doctor’s personal dignity or the integrity of Westwood Animal Hospital

Hospital duties

  • Commitment to the mission of Westwood Animal Hospital
  • Provide guidance and leadership to the healthcare team that positively influences the level of care and service provided to the clients and patients.
  • Legibly document actions by completing forms, reports, logs, correspondence and medical records that meet professional standards
  • Participate in business development as instructed by management and/or ownership.
  • Attend team meetings and other pertinent in-house training.
  • Supervise and direct team members in the performance of their duties
  • Supervision and proper training of staff on humane animal care techniques and various medical procedures as appropriate.