Essential duties and responsibilities:

The primary duty is interacting with clients and coordinating communication between doctors, assistants and the clients

  • Provide top-notch customer service: Be attentive to client and pet needs. Welcome client and pets – make them feel comfortable and “at home” • Identify and work compassionately with clients in various emotional states.
  • Check answering machine at the start of the day and distribute messages appropriately
  • Answer phones, screen and direct calls to appropriate doctor or staff member, record phone messages, schedule appointments
  • Pull client charts for appointments. As clients arrive, update the existing file or collect necessary information to prepare a new file
  • Contact families regarding appointment and requirements (e.g. bring a stool sample)
  • Contact scheduled pre-surgery appointments with reminder of time and required care (e.g. withholding food and water)
  • Greet clients and pets by name, check in patients
  • Monitor and assist client flow from check-in to discharge.
  • After client visit: Clean and organize examination rooms, update and re-file patient records
  • Discharge patients and process payment transactions
  • Follow up with clients
  • Relay appropriate information to/from clients to doctors and/or management
  • Send patient reminders for physical examinations, vaccinations, heartworm checks, dentistry, medical care, etc.
  • Manage record requests between other hospitals and specialty practices.
  • Take requests for prescriptions
  • Order, organize, label and restock supplies and pet foods
  • Accept USPS, UPS, FED EX, etc.
  • Assist in cleaning the hospital including but not limited to: keeping reception desk area and lobby clean and sanitary, taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning floors, bathrooms, exam rooms
  • At end of day
    • Close out cash drawer
    • Back up of daily transactions
    • Turn answering machine on
    • Make sure all office equipment, fans, etc. are turned off
    • Adjust thermostat up or down according to season
    • If last one to leave, check locks on all doors, check that windows are closed, especially in break room area